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Documentation improvements

I am a newbie but my first message to the mailing list was not ignored. What
does that mean? I don't know.

In my first message I said: "I am new to this mailing list and to Cygwin. I
also have not used Unix for over a decade. I am familiar with C and C++ and
I have been using Visual C++
since the first version."

I have a web site where I have put things that I hope is helpful for others.

I think that many programmers experienced with Windows would like to become
familiar with Linux and other such Unix systems and that many of them (like
me) have not taken the time to dive in. I think CygWin is a useful way for
us to start. I have written something describing what I have encountered so
far and that might help others. I am interested in corrections, comments and
improvements. Any of it that can be useful in the CygWin web site can be put

I have used the "Teal" color for a few things in my web page. That color is
not much different from the green color I use for most of the web site. I
used the slightly different color for things I have questions about or that
are comments that I am especially interested in getting some comments about
from this group. The following are the three installation items:

    - the option for specifying the installation directory
    - what the "defaults" are
    - what editor was installed

There are a few things that I am unfamiliar with that are so basic that I
should be able to figure them out myself. I will make more of an effort to
figure them out but if someone wants to help then will help. There are other
things I should be doing so I need to limit the time I spend on this. I will
attempt to revise my web page with answers such as that and hopefully it
will help others that are equally unfamiliar with Unix and CygWin. For
example, I espected to be able to do "help | more" but "more" was not found.
There also seems to be manual pages but I do not know how to look at them. I
tried using "man" but "man" is not found.

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