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Re: Any gotcha's in moving cygwin?

On Tuesday 23 Jul 02, Don Sharp writes:
> Despite the warnings from setup, I have been running a dedicated cygwin
> drive with / as its top level for years without problems that weren't
> subsequently cleared up. I think that there are two prerequisites
> 1) / shouldn't be at the top level of your windows drive
> 2) The drive should be dedicated to the cygwin directory structure
> I believe that the problems of / at the root of the drive are seen as
> arising when any of the above conditions are ignored.

Long ago there was a genuine bug in Cygwin such that having / at C:
would cause problems with certain commands.  This has long since been

The remaining problem with mounting C: as / is that some other
application or package with UNIX-y origins might have an implicit
equivalence between C: and /, creating C:/usr/bin (for example) and
populating it.  This would obviously cause problems.

Even if you have no such conflict now, who knows what you might
install in the future.

Given that, I think Don's assessment is correct.


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