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Re: lauching a perl script from a .bat

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 02:01:41 -0700 Jeremy Hetzler <> wrote:

> At 10:24 AM 7/22/2002 -0700, Marko Loparic wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I have developed a perl script to a remote user who
> >runs Windows. I would like to make an easy
> >installation
> >cd for him and to allow him to launch to script using
> >a .bat file. I have two basic questions.
> >
> >1) The perl script uses cygwin names like /cygdrive,
> >so I can't launch perl directly from a .bat file. I
> >suppose I have to launch cygwin's bash passing the
> >script as an argument. How do I do this?
> You can run this script fine from a .bat file. However, you will need to 
> have Cygwin installed on the machine and adjust the path to include 
> perl.exe and cygwin1.dll (i.e. /usr/bin). For this non-interactive use, 
> bash need not and should not be involved. It is cygwin1.dll that
> provides 
> the cygwin-style functionality to perl, not bash.
> Cygpath can convert windows paths to and from cygwin paths, but you 
> shouldn't need it here (under cygwin perl, the script should work fine 
> unmodified).

Also, both cygwin programs and perl scripts can handle windows type paths
in their arguments if you replace '\' with '/'
(e.g., c:/dir/dir/file).

Mac :})
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