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Re: Valid file-name characters

you can use an escaped \ I think that is true in all unixs at
least the modern ones.  

On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 04:43:28PM -0400, David A. Cobb wrote:
> Randall R Schulz wrote:
> > At 16:18 2002-07-22, David A. Cobb wrote:
> >
> >> ...
> >>
> >> It only makes sense to me to escape characters that are a real 
> >> problem ( vs. a nuisance ) for one system or the other.  The ones I'm 
> >> sure of in Windoz are the colon and slashes.  Would Linux, for 
> >> example, allow a file with (shell-escapd) backslashes?  There are 
> >> others, but I haven't done the research yet.
> >
> >
> > See the attached GIF for Windows' reproach. If you don't care to do 
> > that, I'll transcribe:
> I have plenty of reproaches for them too!  Thanks, I meant to conjure up 
> that box.
> I'm thinking of this as the _last_ step before sending a windowized 
> pathname to the OS -- encode any of the char's shown except the 
> PATH-SEP.  Actually, both slashes are verboten.  Coming back the other 
> way I'd be tempted to be more permissive and try decoding any %XY | X in 
> {0..9+A..F), Y in (0..9+A..F) but that may be an evil temptation. 
>  Reversing only what we ourselves do is far safer.
> > Randall Schulz
> > Mountain View, CA USA
> >
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