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Re: Odd mount and path problem

Robinow, David wrote:

From: Larry V. Streepy, Jr. []
Subject: Re: Odd mount and path problem

Excellent description David, thanks.

I was giving too much "unix" smarts to the process and
assuming my D:/
mount on / was properly implying that /bin also resides on D:.

 Well, actually unix works the same way.  I use several machines where
/usr/local is on a different drive than /usr.

I know how Unix works, I've got 20 years of Unix history.  I fully
understand how mount operations work under Unix.  The issue here is how
cygwin interprets paths with regard to drive letters.  I made the
mistake of assuming that the drive letter for / would be inherited by
all things mounted on / unless otherwise specified.

Please ignore this email if i am showing complete ignorance...
I have tried to follow this thread, but i probably got lost somewhere...

From what I saw ... I was under the impression that the problem was a slash
problem. Again probable ignorance, no access to cygwin to check my memory at the moment. But i thought that \ implied mount would use dos style paths and / implied mount would use unix style paths, for working out where it mounts too. And therefore the problem was that the mounts were specified as \ style paths rather the / style paths.

ofcourse I am probably just completely confused...


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