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Re: Running out of process IDs

Nils Boeffel wrote:

I seem to run out of processes frequently, and don't know what's causing it. The only thing I've found that fixes it is a reboot. I don't understand processes well enough to know what the problem is (windows or cygwin).

I see this problem happen only when the process IDs are around 64-65k, so I'm guessing that it's running out of processes. Process numbers seem to increase for me when I run a lot of scripts (I have some web traversal scripts in perl that call wget and other commands a lot).
Logging out and back in doesn't change anything; only a reboot seems to help. Something else that causes the problem is lots of ./configure;make runs. It always happens when process numbers get close to 2^16.

When trying to run rxvt after the logout/in I get an error dialog with:
"Insufficient system resources to complete the requested service."

The taskmanager looks normal... no strange processes anywhere, and normal memory usage. Does cygwin store any process related information under /cygwin somewhere? I looked but couldn't find anything. Is there anything to 'restart' about cygwin? I don't run anything except from the rxvt/bash shells.


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