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Re: problem with a ssh server under cygwin

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 02:59:08PM +0200, Frank-Michael Moser wrote:
>   PATH=/bin:/bin

You should try to figure out why your $PATH is corrupted.  It must
contain the Windows specifc paths, otherwise loading system DLLs 
fail as is the case on your system.  Just FYI, I'm using sshd myself
on a daily basis and I don't have this problem (and you can bet which
version I'm using).

sshd contains a Cygwin specifc code snippet which keeps the content
of the environment given to it while on other systems the environment
is reduced to a minimum before calling the child process.

> What I noticed beside. When not installing sshd with ntsec (of course 
> public key authentification does not work) I'm able to login by typing 
> my password. At least my wsock32-problem actually seems to be related to 
> public key authentification.

Which is what I'm using all the time... and still, it works for me.


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