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Re: bug in findutils 4.1.7-4 (updatedb, find)

--- Kiran Prakash <> wrote:
> I use win98SE with a FAT32 filesystem.
> on typing updatedb, the following error occurs.
> /usr/bin/find: /home/XXXX/.. changed during execution of
> /usr/bin/find
> running find in $HOME causes no errors.
> also find must also be bugged, because running find in /e/cygwin
> (my setup
> directory)
> causes:
> .
> ./setup.exe
> ....
> find: /e/Cygwin/.. changed during execution of find
> Any ideas where this problem might be coming from ?

I don't know, but it started happening sometime between cygwin 1.3.11
and 1.3.12.  I'm running WinME on a FAT32 as well.  For those who are
going to ask it, Yes I have a virus scanner but it is configured to
ignore the Cygwin directory tree.  I'm not sure what the best way to
go about debugging this, as an strace would inundate the user with
too much information.  So I suppose we should ask if anyone else is
having the same problem on Win9X/ME...


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