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FTP server?

Hello All,
    Unfortunately I am not able to find any specific solutions that have
helped via any of the locations on the web for my FTP problem. I have been
able to do a little more investigation as to when the problem occurs. Here
is what the symptom appears as:

    When I try with ws_ftp to connect to the server, and then do a list
command it gives me an error saying "The application failed to initialize
properly (unix). Click on OK to terminate the application." That was word
for word what I said in one of my previous messages, however I have since
then learned that the only client software for FTP that it works with is the
cygwin, and unix command line ftp clients that I have tried. However the
Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator FTP and WS_FTP (Pro and LE)  that I
use more often than anything all fail and cause that message above to appear
on my computer (the server). I am glad to run any debug commands on my
computer if that will help. If the issue ends up being fixed by a new
release of one of the software packages, I will be happy. I even tried
rolling back to the previous releases of the cygwin part that I thought
applied (cygwin and inetutils). The FTP server that I am trying to use is
the default one contained in the cygwin packages.

I appreciate any help not only because it would cause the part of my
software to work that isn't currently. But I will also be thankful because
the FTP server that I use as a backup is part of IIS. I prefer to use the
cygwin one because it allows more flexibility as to what the directory
structure looks like and also the file permissions, possibly more but I
don't know yet.

Daniel Adams

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