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Re: W2K and sshd, ssh - asks for password

Brian Keener wrote:
> You are 100% right in both cases - Had Corinna not pointed it out, I
> know you would have and cygwin-apps was not the appropriate place to
> post.  At the time I wrote it, cygwin-apps seemed appropriate (in my
> mind) but I should have gone to the web and reread the description of
> what goes in cygwin-apps versus cygwin.  I was wrong in my choice.

OK, no ones memory is perfect (mine just being plain strange - I can tell you
the registration numbers of all the series-leading ships in Star Trek, bu won't
necessarily know what day it is :-) )

Lets continue on cygwin@

>> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Why the lousy attitude?
> The lousy attitude stems from the fact that I sometimes feel the
> responses (not just to me) are sometimes a bit more terse than need
> me.

True. I think that the sheer volume of Cygwin mail reduces tolerance levels

> As to the rest of Max's comments:
>> 1. Corinna was entirely justified - your question has no place on
>> cygwin-apps
>  Correct.  As I said previously it was not the lesson but the method
> of teaching.

I agree, as above.

>> 2. The Red Hat people on the lists are usually very busy. Be kind to
>> them.
> Yes they are - I am immensly impressed by them and their talents.

Definitely - me too!

> Would that I could program as well and tackle some of the projects
> and problems they do.

Ditto :-)

>> 3. Just because Corinna may be the person you think is most
>> qualified to help you, don't assume that no one else can. Now, I had
>> a similar problem, which I
> Again Max is correct - I was sure others could help but I was also
> sure Corinna was a prime candidate for recognizing what was wrong
> (besides the wrong newsgroup :-) )  I am glad I was able to jog Max's
> memory on his problem and also that he has offered to help me on mine.
> I will attempt the steps Max describes later this evening or tomorrow
> and post the results as requested (to the Cygwin list).

For the record, at least part of the problem was a CYGWIN=ntsec foulup. I'd
intended to enter it in the system env vars box, but had actually put it in the
user env vars box. Ooops!

> As to the discussion of ntsec being required and whether or not NTFS
> was or was not required - I thought I remembered reading that NTFS
> was a requirement for ntsec to work and therefore if sshd and the
> authentication require ntsec then they would also require NTFS?

I think that only the POSIX file mode using ACLs requires NTFS. The rest of what
ntsec does just requires an NT OS, and FAT will do.


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