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Re: Documentation improvements

"More is referenced by the Less Man page but is not found."

The "more" command is a fairly recent addition to Cygwin.  You
do have to elect to install it.  It is in the "text" category,
with a cute comment about it being "A primitive pager".
(setup has its share of laughs, one has only to look.  Hard.
Or have a weird sense of humor)

Now, "man" is also something that you have to designate to 
install, it is in the "Doc" category.

Which brings up a point, if you think you should have something,
but it does not run, and "which" does not find it, run setup,
and click open the categories, and see whether you got it 
installed.   This is always my first step in troubleshooting.
(Fat fingers like mine lead to a LOT of troubleshooting)

"It may have been from trawling through the FAQ but as I recall
I didn't find that as useful for getting familiar with the default
install as I might have expected"

Here is my approach.  When I install or update, I go down through
all the categories and click them open, see whats there, see whats
new, see what setup wants to install.  Now, if you watch carefully,
the available packages change fairly frequently.  This makes it
hard to keep documentation such as FAQ updated.  That is why I have
decided to keep an eye on things in this way.  Yep, it takes more
time, but I think it helps. And it saves you from asking one of
those classic Wayne questions like "how was I supposed to know
that wasn't installed"  :-)

Occasionally, I run across a command that makes me say "hmmm, I wonder
what that is".  Documentation within Cygwin is one place to look,
but don't overlook google.  Yes, you have to use your smarts to tell
good information from something an airhead like me might put up
on a website, but hey, you're using Cygwin, that's a high pass
filter on smarts right there.

Have a good night folks,

Wayne Keen

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