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Re: Documentation improvements

"Robert Aldwinckle" <> wrote in message
> whatis  and  apropos    are two related commands
> which seem to interrogate a partial concordance of
> the documentation.  I'm still looking for a way to make
> the results more complete.

Thank you, Robert. I will look at whatis and apropos.

> Another way to get oriented heretical as it may sound
> is to use  Windows  Explorer  and  its  Find  tool.

Yes, for us familiar with Windows, use of Windows for that purpose can be

> Vim  and  emacs  are installed as editors.

I did use emacs a bit over a decade ago but it is so different from what I
am accustomed to I quickly gave up. I might have used it more than I
remember; it might have been the editor supplied with an old C compiler.

It assume that Vim and emacs are not installed by default, since I don't
find it in my system. If I am correct that they are not installed by default
then I will find them but if I am incorrect then perhaps I need to daignose
why I don't find it in my system.

I originally created this message as a reply to the newsgroup and did not
notice that it was a reply to the newsgroup. I was unable to send the first
version so I created a new message that has the appearances of a reply to
the newsgroup.

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