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RE: a way to read the current cpu load from the shell or via a cmdline utility in cygwin?


> I did a google search on "linux top cpu load".  Here's a top 
> from the first match: 
>> 3.5beta9.tar.gz
> It took 
> about an hour to make it compile and 
> run under cygwin 1.3.12-2 on Win2k.  The patch is attached.
> Note: I just compiled and ran the code; I haven't verified 
> the correctness of the output.  It seemed to work without 
> crashing, and the output looked plausible.  I also haven't 
> tested it on any system other than mine (above). Try it at 
> your own risk.

Thanks for this, it's a good start to getting top working under Cygwin.

My question is that when you run the Configure script what do give as
the 'appropriate module' for the machine? I've used 'linux' but I wonder
if there is a better option, or whether we should invent a Cygwin
machine definition?

Secondly, when it runs, I'm not convinced the figures are correct! For
example, my setiathome process should show almost 100% cpu utilisation,
but it shows 0%! Is this a refelction of my choice above, or problems
with the /proc file system infotmation?

Hints and tips on this much appreciated.

Tony Arnold, Deputy to the Head of COS Division, Manchester Computing,
University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.
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