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Re: FYI: HTML targets in "Smart Questions"

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Jim George wrote:


> > Include The Aunt Emily Faq in the welcome faq I would suggest, I myself
> > hate forinstance the wellbehaved educaters on this list who do not seem to
> > understand how the quoting machanisme works and persist in giving answers
> > above a message. But this is not the issue here.
> And of course you realise that that means someone is going to comment on it
> ;)
> The problem is that there are so few good mail clients for cygwin, indeed I
> can only think of pine and sylpheed (the latter I'm only just compiling at
> the moment).  Also there seems to be no standard as far as whether you
> answer above or below a previous mail...I've been involved in linux,
> windows, database, and mac mailing lists and they all have different
> beliefs!  One to set a standard?

The standard very well exist and is not set by any warez, for more
informaition check

> > I propose a cygwin-gurus.

> Agreed and a cygwin-dummies (where I will while away the rest of my hours
> replying to mails above and below and in between as my mood takes me :) ).

Nobody is able to stop you replying the way you want. Fact is the
readability of your message greatly promotes your message, I myself skip
message that I have to read upside down.

> > No, but surely if *everyone* on this list (gurus and newbies alike)
> > asked questions the "smart way" we'd all reap the benefits of a
> > better and more fruitful mailing list.
> > If you send them to redhat university they wouldn't even have to ask smart
> > questions, they would know smart answers upfront and where a hat (probably
> > red) with the letters Guru on it.

> Now you want to start a 'who is the best distribution' war?

You mean MicroSoft? (Raphael ducking!)

> > Thanks for your comments, you've helped me sharpen my thinking on
> > this somewhat controversial topic.
> > Thank you for your comments.

> > Raphael who is now somewhat upset.
> Cheer up I've finished too.

OK ;-)

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