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Missing libc documentation

I'm not sure how, but the libc documentation in my system is missing. 
It was there this morning, and the only thing I've done since then 
that might affect documentation was to use cygwin setup, but I used 
it to upgrade some packages and install new documentation, not 
uninstall anything, so nothing should have *dis*appeared. Also, 
nobody else has had physical access to the box all day. So, can 
anyone explain how this could have happened?

It gets worse. Reinstalling the "texinfo" package, all 600K of it, 
did not bring back my "info libc". I suppose I have to reinstall some 
other package to restore the libc documentation. Could someone please 
tell me which one? And please let it not be the multi-megabyte gcc 
package. Please.

Finally, if anyone has any idea how the documentation got destroyed, 
I'd appreciate any information you can give about how to prevent this 
from happening again. (Especially if it does mean reinstalling the 
mutli-megabyte gcc package.) Is it typical for cygwin to go eating 
files at random? Should I be backing up my home directory outside of 
the cygwin directory? (If it decides to disappear, weeks of work will 
be lost.)

It's particularly strange that this would happen to a system that's 
completely up to date -- a serious bug that causes files to vanish 
and/or messes up documentation browsing is the sort I'd expect to 
occur only with outdated buggy old stuff sitting around.

In the meantime I suppose I can use DJGPP's libc documentation and 
hope the stdio functions are basically the same. (Should be; they are 
a standardized part of ANSI C.)

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