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Re: Does cygwin slow things down

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, David E Euresti wrote:

> Has anybody done any tests to see just how fast cygwin is?

Read the archives.

> I just ported a pretty large project and I've been noticing that it's much
> slower, and I was wondering if it was cygwin that did it.

Yes, Cygwin did it. Let's try and convict it for meanness, put it in
jail and throw away the key.

Seriously though, nothing is free. The extra layer of portability Cygwin
provides costs something in performance even if it is gratis. Some
suggestions for speedups despite this:

* I find automated virus checkers slow Cygwin's performance a lot

* make your PATH as short as possible

* make sure it doesn't include network shares or double slashes at the
beginning which will cause it to try to access a network share

* use mount --executable to speed up checking for executables

> So anybody compiled something like apache who can tell me if it runs much
> slower?

It's available on Setup; try it yourself.
Michael Hoffman <>
The University of Texas at Austin

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