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Re: Openssh 3.0.2-p15: Can't validate public key when accesing from cron

Pablo Milano wrote:
>> I am using Cygwin with openssh 3.0.2p1-5 and openssl 0.9.6c-2
>> The sshd is running in a windows 2000 server computer.
>> I use rsa keys to authenticate the users who access the ssh server
>> from linux machines (kernel 2.4.18).
>> Authentication works fine if the "ssh -i user.key user@server" is
>> run from a linux console, but it fails if the same command is run
>> from cron. The following error is returned to the standard error
>> console: "Host key verification failed."
>> This happens only when trying to connect to the cygwin ssh server.
>> It works fine among linux servers.
>> Any hint?

1. Upgrade openssh - 3.0.x is: a) ancient, b) known to have security problems.

2. The problem is likely to be that the server's host key is not in the ssh
known_hosts file for the user that cron is running ssh as. Since ssh is running
non-interatively, it can't prompt 'Do you wat to trust this host key?'.


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