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A Mingw32 runtime library independent of MSVCRT.DLL

Why do mingw32 users continue to use a runtime library dependent of MSVCRT.DLL?

There is a project to totally replace MSVCRT.DLL. Here are the advantages of the Mingw32 Alternate C Runtime Library (no stable version released, just a unstable, incomplete version):
- Easy to modify
- Can be easily tweaked
- Can be compiled without Microsoft Visual C++
- Open Source
- Free to distribute, even without owning Microsoft Visual C++ or Microsoft Windows
- Can be compiled with Wine (with both native platform gcc and with Mingw32 cross-compiler)
- Will be 100% ISO C99 compliant when complete
- Bugs cannot be easily fixed in the MSVCRT.DLL distribution (unless someone has a valid license of Microsoft Visual C++)
- Will support both static and dynamic linking when complete, unlike other Mingw32 runtimes (MSVCRT.DLL can only be dynamically linked, but Microsoft Visual C++ also ships with two release static C Runtime Library called LIBC.LIB and LIBCMT.LIB)

Developers, please contribute to the Mingw32 Alternate C Runtime Library found at If you are going to contribute, send email to

Cygwin developers:
NOTE: The cygwin setup program should not be linked with MSVCRT.DLL or CRTDLL.DLL. It should also not be linked with the cygwin library. It needs to be linked with a static native Win32 C Runtime Library, such as what the Mingw32 Alternate C Runtime Library is going to be. If you are a developer wishing to contribute to the library, please do so. Please send email to if you are going to contribute. Developers should participate in the efforts, so that a Cygwin setup program can be written the way it should be without having to use a commercial Win32 compiler such as Microsoft Visual C++.NET.

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