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RE: bash and the delete key

At 20:16 2002-07-26, Some Beer-Swilling Patriot wrote:
> Tony,
> Absolutely that's a problem!
> CTRL-V is the default assignment for "literal-next" ("lnext") in the
> TTY driver

OK, but to people who never knew that, and now that they do can't imagine why
they'd ever need it, is it a problem?  CTRL-V is "paste" in every windows
program since 3.11 days, and it'd be hella-useful to remap it to something one
would actually use.

Cygwin is not Windows. Cygwin does not aim to adopt Windows conventions within its environment, at least not as the default.

People who know what they're doing know what literal next is and does and they use it. How do you get a TAB into a command line with completion enabled? An ESC? A CTRL-A? CTRL-B? CTRL-C? CTRL-D? CTRL-E? CTRL-T? CTRL-P? CTRL-O? CTRL-N? Backslash doesn't handle non-printing characters, only literal next makes it possible to enter them on the command line.

Mapping the insert clipboard to the "Insert" key is sufficiently "hella-useful."

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

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