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Re: Cygwin DLLs and MSVC

I've had a similar problem in the past - it seems to segfault when
initialising the cygwin dll.

I was writing a dll using cygwin (that in turn loads and uses cygwin1.dll),
that dll was then used as a plugin for Maya.  It seg-faulted and after a few
days of fiddling about there wasn't enough time to pursue it any further so
we used Visual Studio (ach.. spit) for the plugin.   Now MinGW seems to be
working for gcc 3.1.1 I might try again.


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Roberto Cavada" <> wrote in message">
Hi all,
  I compiled (under cygwin) a c source file which contains a set of
useful functions.
Suppose the c source file cannot be easly compiled by using a native
Win32 compiler. The idea here is to generate a (cygwin) dll which
users might link from within a native C compiler (Visual Studio, for

gcc -c test.c
gcc -shared test.o -o test.dll

Now I'd like to be able to use the dll 'test.dll' from within Visual
Studio. Is it possible?

I generated a file test.lib (and of course - a test.dll file) by using
the 'dlltool' tool, and then I imported the test.lib file from within
MSVC. I supposed the test.lib is a simple signature of any symbol
test.dll can export, and I actually successfully compiled and linked
it with a client code, but execution failed into a segfault.

I'm wondering if this is the right way to have a dll generated with
gcc working within MSVC.
Thank you in advance,
  Roberto Cavada

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