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RE: bash and the delete key


At 08:06 2002-07-27, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
--- Randall R Schulz <> wrote:
> >So I ask again, is remapping CTRL-V going to cause any problems
> >for those who have no desire to enter tabs on the command line?
> For the ignorant, no, it will cause no problems. For those who need literal
> next and have the legitimate expectation that it will be in the default
> place (CTRL-V), yes it matters and should not be changed.

I would like to point out that CTRL-V is used by nano and pico users
to scroll down one page. If I'm not mistaken, it is used in lynx as
well. In fact, pretty much any readline based application I can
think of uses it. Since readline uses inputrc for its bindings, this
would probably break the binding in many current applications. I
have to agree with Randall that this would be a very bad idea, and
probably cause many mailing-list headaches (as most newbies like to
use pico/nano). If I know Chris' responses, he'd probably say
something like, "Hell will freeze over first before CTRL-V gets
changed." Either that, or "We aren't going to change it because we
are *mean*."
Vi uses it as (surprise) literal-next.

Also, I conducted an experiment. I changed the tty driver's "lnext" character and launched a sub-shell (BASH), but in that shell even though the "stty -a" confirmed my change to "lnext" was still in effect, readline within BASH was still using CTRL-V as the literal next character. Further experimentation suggests that readline will only adapt to the tty driver's "lnext" character if it does not conflict with a pre-existing readline binding. In any case, it keeps CTRL-V as literal next even if the tty driver's "lnext" does not conflict.

Sorry, it ain't gonna happen, 'Nuff Said.
One can only hope.

This whole business ain't as simple as it might seem, since so many characters are interpreted by the tty driver and / or readline and various applications.


Randall Schulz

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