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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

At 17:31 2002-07-28, Paul Derbyshire wrote:

Now can anyone suggest a fix here? So far the only thing I've seen
explicitly suggested is to patch and recompile lots of stuff most of
whose internals I don't know the first thing about, and the vague
implication that I should blow the whole system away and reinstall it
after (finding out how and) changing my Windows username. I'd much
rather avoid either of those, especially as the latter will cause
data loss. Obviously the contents of the home directory could be
copied out but there's a ton of changes made to assorted other files,
such as /etc/profile, crontab entries, and so on. There's also the
sheer magnitude of the download.


Is there are reason you don't just move your working directory (the one with the sources and executables you're trying to debug) to a directory whose fully-qualified name is devoid of spaces?

It really seems that you're making this a much bigger deal than it needs to be.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

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