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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

On 29 Jul 2002 at 10:58, Robert Collins wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 10:43, Robert Collins wrote:
> > I'm bowing out of this thread. You've shown yourself incapable of
> > discriminating between your imagination and reality. It makes it very
> > hard to discuss the topic at hand. 
> This was rather rude - sorry. A better way of putting my feelings is:
> I'm bowing out of this thread. I don't have time to correct all the
> assumptions you are making more than once per assumption. The
> information to demonstrate the falseness of your assumptions is
> available via Google.

When I'm not given adequate information I'm forced to guess the rest, 
unlike you telepaths who can pluck the missing information out of a 
passing bystander's mind. :P Or, at least, pluck the *fact* that you 
need more information and some idea of what it is out of someone's 
mind and then formulate a Google search query.

(Weirdly enough I've gotten into an argument in a newsgroup recently 
over Google searches. Some of the people there seem to think Google 
is a magical oracle, and that even if you don't know enough to 
formulate a likely query to find something, or even if you don't know 
there's even something to find, Google will just seize control of 
your Web browser and it will just pop up on a site with the 
information you didn't even know you were missing. I, of course, know 
that Google is mere technology and you can't use it to find what you 
aren't even looking for, or what you are when you don't know enough 
key words to make a narrow enough query that the answer won't be 
buried a million hits down into the list. It seems that an unhealthy 
reverence for Google and an exaggerated expectation of what people 
will be able to achieve with it is becoming a widespread problem on 
the net these days...)

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