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RE: bash and the delete key

> Randall R Schulz wrote:
> >> Oh I agree 100%.  But it'd be even nicer if, when I reflexively hit
> >> CTRL-V, it'd do what one would expect it to do on a Windows machine,
> >> i.e. paste from the clipboard.
> >
> > Nicer for you. If it's what you want, take matters into your own hands
> > and adapt your own environment to your own preferences and leave the
> > stock environment in the most POSIX- and / or Unix-compliant state
> > feasible.
> But that's what he was asking for (see what follows)

Randy knows what I'm asking for; he's just bent out of joint still about my
"patriot" siggy.

> >> So I ask again, is remapping CTRL-V going to cause any problems for
> >> those who
> >> have no desire to enter tabs on the command line?
> >
> See. He asked how to remap his Ctrl-v key.

Actually, I didn't even ask for that much.  I know how to remap it, I just
wanted to know if it was going to cause any unforseen problems.  And thanks to
Randy, I finally got the answer.  And a bunch of sophomoric insults too, but

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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