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Peculiar problem problem running NT program with cron

I found a very peculiar problem with an NT CAD program in CYGWIN environment. This program got two modes :
a graphical one (with GUI) and a terminal one (tty mode creating an NT console). The CAD program is made of several
modules (several little programs) cummunicating with a file created in a working directory.

The CAD program "tty mode" works fine when running in CYGWIN environment and creates an NT
console for output. The same program doesn't work while running from CYGWIN cron.

I made some tests to compare CYGWIN cron with planning service NT regarding to my Bash script.
My tests are done with the local user Administrator of PC NT 4. Here are the tests made :

1) Cron works on my NT station ( I schedules many tasks per week)

2) The Bash script is run under CYGWIN Bash and creates a log file from CAD program : IT WORKS

3) The Bash script is run under CYGWIN Bash but Bash is run first with a bat File from service Planning : IT WORKS

4) The Bash script is run as a task with CRON under CYGWIN : IT DOES NOT WORK, first module does not work

5) The Bash script was modified, I added theses two lines :
The first module works but as soon as the second module is runned, the CAD program stopped with errors

6) I noted same troubles when running the program with rlogin or rsh with CYGWIN. First module is running but the second one
not. The error message of CAD program point out problem with communication file (unable to open in READ mode).

Is there anything regarding the NT console and CYGWIN standard ouput/input in cron process.

What is the difference between CYGWIN cron and Planning regarding to NT privileges of users. With Planning, it is the user SYSTEM
who runs CYGWIN environment but with cron it is the user Administrator.

Thanks for helping


Arnaud GAND
SETI Ingénierie Conseil - Le DORAT
tel 05 55 60 65 59
fax 05 55 60 67 02

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