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Re: ps2pdf/ghostscript problem

ghostscript version 7.05 is now installed by the cygwin-setup.
this version doesn't work!
Facts! Details! More information on what you've done to investigate
the issue and what evidence led you to the conclusion that
ghostscript doesn't work. Provide a testcase if necessary. Please
post this information to the list so they can determine your issue. I'm not a ghostscript expert, so I really wouldn't know...
OK - don't panic - perhaps i had to many "!" in my mail.

ps2pdf can't convert any PS i have into a PDF file.
it always aborts with some errors.
Posting a log file of the transaction would probably help the list
determine where the issue lies...
ps2pdf doesn't produce any output (meaning errors or somethin) with the file i attached, but it did at least with one i converted (i made a "find -exec" and must test them all again)

the produced PDF is just not viewable with the AcrobatReader - i also mounted the folder in binmode - to be sure it isn't the textmode-setting.

ghostscript 6.xx was OK, but not 7.05.

i have a linux-vmware where ghostscript worked fine! with the same
files (also uses version 7.05).
So? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Seeing as how linux is the platform ghostscript is chiefly developed
on, it is safe to assume that all features will be working on it.
i just wanted to state, that it isn't an error within the ps-file. of course the price of tee has nothing to do with this.

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