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Re: bug in setup.exe


Thanks for the reply. I did search the mailing list, but apparently 
used wrong words. I want to hope that the bug will be fixed in the future 
releases of setup.exe.



>There have been recent discussions of this problem on this list.  >If 
>had bothered to search, you would have found that the problem >has to 
>with selecting large fonts (which, I assume, you have, with a 
>of 1600x1200): 
>FYI, I searched for "setup scroll bar", and the above was the >second

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Gennady Stupakov wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a problem with the latest version of cygwin setup.exe.
> I use the monitor setting 1600x1200. With this resolution
> the setup program, when  I reach the window Select Packages
> does not have a vertical scroll bar. I can only see the first
> have of the list of packages. Futhermore, the Maximize icon
> at the right upper corner of the window  is dimmed, so I cannot
> enlarge the window. Does anybody has this problem? I guess it is
> a bug.
> Gennady.

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