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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

I'm entering this thread late, so I'm just going to respond to one standalone

Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> It's my job to use this software and expect it to work.

STOP! Wrong. This is a volunteer effort for _free_. Remember that.

> If something needs to be done to the code to make
> it work for a corner case that was not sufficiently allowed for
> before, then whoever maintains the code should do it, and whatever
> research is needed to make the right changes.

Huh? Why? They should do work because you say so? What gives you the right to
demand that?

> Killfiling me might be a good idea.

Unless you take a step back and think for a moment on how cooperative volunteer
projects work, this is a good idea for the whole list.

Paul speaking about Robert Collins:
> In fact, I think I am about to killfile you. Fire a parting shot if
> you wish. I don't care.

Sure, why not killfile one of the core contributors to this project. Thats
_definitely_ the way to get help.

> ... a vague "edit
> the /etc/passwd file" that would have a genuine stupid newbie type
> "nano /etc/passwd" at the bash prompt and then stare in puzzlement at
> the screen wondering what to do next.

Cygwin provides a Unixy environment within Windows. You are expected to find
your genreral Unixish knowledge elsewhere. The Cygwin list has enough traffic
just about Cygwin. Find some beginner reference to /etc/passwd or something.
Alternatively, learn by experimentation. After all, if Cygwin is so terrible to
you, you won't have lost much if you break something :-). And besides, if you
that worried, then take a copy before you edit.

Quite frankly, this thread has blown way out of control. You reacted badly to a
terse reply. If you lurk on this list for a while, you will see that the sheer
volume demands a certain economy of words from time to time.

Experiment, learn, and ask for help when you need it, and you will be welcome
Expect to be talked through every step, and people will ignore you. Remember,
people reply because they want to. If you make it hard to help you, then poeple


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