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Cron problem

What with the big directory names debate and the big ctrl-V debate it 
seems the cron problem thread has slipped through the cracks.

The last thing I discovered was that it seems to be invoking djgpp's 
rm and mv and not Cygwin's. DJGPP is installed and in the Windows 
PATH. However, the Cygwin PATH starts with 
/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin so to Cygwin programs Cygwin's rm should 
be selected instead.

Indeed, "which rm" prints "/usr/bin/rm" from the Cygwin bash prompt.

Why, then, is cron using the wrong rm (and mv)?

AFAICT this really is the cause of the failure. It wgets the file but 
fails to move it to the desktop because the DJGPP mv doesn't 
understand cygdrive.

I imagine assigning PATH inside my crontab to prepend /usr/bin would 
fix it. However this smells like a crock to me -- it'd treat the 
symptoms but not whatever problem (cron misconfiguration?) is causing 
them. I know it's not the ideal solution because if this were a 
genuine multiuser system with multiple cygwin users set up, every one 
of them would have to make the same edits in their crontabs, and 
there just has to be a centralized way to do it instead.

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