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RE: bash and the delete key

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Stephan Mueller wrote:

> From "The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design" (covers
> Windows 95 and NT! -- so you know it's not brand new :-)
> 	"The system still supports shortcut assignments available in
> earlier versions of Microsoft Windows (Alt+Backspace, Shift+Insert,
> Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Delete).  You should consider supporting them (though
> not documenting them) to support the transition of users."
> (This is a footnote in Appendix B, which documents the standard
> shortcuts - Ctrl-C/V/X among them).
> As long as folks don't actually make the transition, I suspect the OS
> will continue to support them, but please, let's not encourage folks to
> make the transition in the wrong direction :-)

I find the CUA clipboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-Insert) quite useful, since
there are several applications I use support them OOTB but the ZXCV
shortcuts only with reconfiguration (e.g. rxvt, Quicken 99). On my Linux
box they are also used on X.

If I were going to write a new application I would certainly follow these
guidelines. But I don't see any need not to tell people that Shift-Insert
works for rxvt OOTB. This is a useful piece of information.
Michael Hoffman <>
The University of Texas at Austin

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