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Re: 'scp' stalls and Putty scp doesn't

"Lynn Wilson" <> wrote:
> I've noticed that when I use the scp that comes with cygwin that
it often tends
> to become -stalled-.  If I immediately change the 'scp'
(/bin/scp.exe) to 'pscp'
> which is the Putty scp client, than I am able to download
without any problems.
> This happens with many different files.
> Smaller files tend to come down OK.  Sometimes, but not always,
the stall will
> pick up again and finish if I wait long enough.  The remote
machine is running
> SunOS 5.6. If I copy the same file to a RedHat Linux 7.2 system,
the scp never
> stalls.

I don't know enough about scp to know if I'm on track here or not,
but: Do you run ZoneAlarm on your windows box?

The reason I ask is that I get problems with wget and ZoneAlarm
when downloading files over about 1.5Mb in size.  The
end-of-connection seems to get lost and wget hangs at the end of
file (which has all been downloaded) until wget times out (I tend
to re-configure the timeout to something a little less than wget's
default 15 minutes for this reason).

Does that sound something like what you are seeing?


// Conrad

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