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Re: rebase and ME

--- Michael A Chase <> wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 09:59:00 -0400 "Gordon R. Keehn"
> <> wrote:
> >     If Bill Gates is laughing, it's because people actually paid
> money,
> > directly or through an hardware vendor,

Like IBM?  IIRC, they were shipping NetVistas [possibly Thinkpads,
too] with WinME.  *Tsk* *Tsk* Isn't that like the pot calling the
kettle black?

Seriously, though, I didn't pay a dime for this notebook.  I got it
for free for winning an employee contest at the place I work.

> > for an abomination like ME.  Now that SP1 is expected
> momentarily, you
> > owe it to yourself, not to Billy G, to
> > upgrade to XP Pro at the earliest opportunity.

As a general rule of thumb, I usually don't upgrade until SP2 comes
out.  Windows2000 has its own issues, which I won't elaborate on.  As
for XP, I don't know about anyone else, but I find the XP window
manager to be abyssmal.  I hate all that damned color and the menus
are all wrong.  I don't need any of that crap, as it looks like it
would frankly be fairly resource intensive.
> Or at least to Win 95.

*Sigh*, if only it were possible to go back to Win98SE, which [IMHO]
was the most stable version of Windows to date.  Unfortunately,
Compaq has not backported its proprietary drivers [the WinME drivers 
don't work on Win98SE].


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