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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior

On 29 Jul 2002 at 23:02, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> >AFAIR, this started when I posted a case of gdb mysteriously failing to
> >run a process and also failing to produce an error message (graphical
> >version) unless you tried from the console.  The error message in turn
> >indicated (but in a cryptic way that pretty much forces someone to ask
> >questions on a mailing list, by only giving a mysterious numeric code
> >instead of an understandable error message) that a Windows process
> >spawning API found the executable to be invalid.  Whereupon I posted a
> >screen dump showing that the error message was itself in error, because
> >a test executable worked fine when launched from the shell and not when
> >run in gdb.
> How could anyone, reading this mailing list, who had rudimentary reading
> skills, *not* know this by now?  You've been going on and on about it.

I'm summarizing it for the people who are at least behaving as if 
they don't know that. Either because they asked, or because they seem 
to think something else happened instead.

> You latched onto this concept when someone suggested it and are
> apparently unable to actually verify for yourself if this actually is
> your problem or not.  As I said, what a strange strange thread we're on.

If a doctor told you you had disease X you'd "latch onto" and be 
"unable to actually verify" that. You'd also be pretty ticked if it 
turned out to be a misdiagnosis. But until you heard otherwise or 
otherwise had reason to lose faith in the doctor's ability to 
diagnose, you wouldn't question it either.

I'm not an expert on Cygwin internals. Thus I assume what the experts 
say is wrong is what's wrong, until proven otherwise. (And if 
everyone posting to the list is expected to be an expert and make 
their own diagnoses, please remind me what this list is for, because 
I *thought* it was mainly for users to ask for help with problems and 
get advice, but *obviously* I was wrong...)

> For the record (again) I have gone to the effort of trying gdb in a
> directory with spaces in it and have not had any problems.  I have
> suggested a couple of things for you to try but you are ignoring them.

What things? I don't remember seeing any suggestions, other than ones 
associated with despacing the directory name or moving the files out 
of that directory.

> Since you responded to the message where I, as an experiment, reset the
> from address to the cygwin mailing list email address it would almost
> appear that you've put my Red Hat email address into a kill file or
> something.

I'm not sure what this is referring to. However, I think I should 
explain my mail sorting procedure. Since the list has a large volume 
and no [Cygwin] subject tag, I have my mailer sort list messages by 
Sender: header into a cygwin folder. Since a lot of replies to cygwin 
messages are copied to my private mail as well as posted to the list, 
and the list has no subject tag, these messages end up with a copy in 
each folder. Thus, when I go through my personal mail I nuke on sight 
anything that's copied to the list -- I'll read and respond to the 
copy on the list, and I don't need to keep a copy since the list 
archive will do that for me. As a result, messages sent to both 
addresses will generate a reply on the list but not a private copy. 
If I've responded to a message you posted to the list and not to one 
you sent privately, in all likelihood the private one was copied to 
the list and I responded there. If I didn't respond at all I didn't 
see anything in it to respond to. I have not, as yet, killfiled 

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