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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 02:52:26PM -0400, Paul Derbyshire wrote:
>>Btw, here's a URL for you: .  Should have
>>suggested this when you first posted.  I suspect a cygcheck -r -s -v
>>would be useful in debugging your problem (see below).
>Not knowing whether it was a cygwin-specific problem or not I was leery
>of going to a bug submission page to report what might be a general gdb
>problem.  Plus, I suspected a misconfiguration of some kind, or perhaps
>a Winblows hiccup that might go away with a reboot or an update patch.

So what is it then?  Am I an expert whose advice you are soliciting or
someone to argue with and ignore when I offer suggestions?  I said that
cygcheck output might be useful.  You chose not to provide it.  This
is a trend.

>>Now that you provided more details in another thread.  I wonder if it
>>is possible that you're somehow not using the cygwin gcc compiler but
>>are, instead, using the djgpp compiler.
>No, that's affected cron but not the command line.  gcc at the command
>line definitely uses cygwin's gcc.  Indeed, gcc --version at the bash
>prompt says 2.95.3-5 and gcc --version at a Winblows prompt says 3.04.
>(Hmm, seems djgpp has a more up to date port than cygwin does...)

                     * * * *

>>If so, that could explain your problem.  I don't have a djgpp compiler
>>to confirm but I suspect that cygwin/windows gdb probably can't debug
>>executables built with the djgpp gcc, i.e., as far as gdb is concerned
>>the EXE FORMAT is BAD and that's considered an ERROR.
>Nice theory, but it just doesn't fit the facts.

I'm not convinced.  I'll bet if you specifically rebuild the file in question
with cygwin gcc it will probably be debuggable.

>Also, how long have you suspected it might be using the wrong gcc?

Now you're questioning my motives, huh?

>It seems in hindsight you've been hinting at that for ages.

No, I've been "hinting" that you should try a couple of things with gdb.
You've never done them, AFAICT (how many times have I mentioned this
now?).  Until this last message, I've never "hinted" that it had
anything to do with gcc.

>If you'd just said it straight out the first time you thought it we
>could have laid the theory to rest that much faster and saved both of
>us some time, and the list some bandwidth.

Actually, I had this brainstorm after I saw your cron posting where you
(re)mentioned DJGPP.  Once I thought of it, I did a google search,
confirmed that the Windows debug interface might not be able to debug 16
bit executables, and sent my message.  I wasn't certain if what I
discovered in google even applied to DJGPP but I eventually talked to
the author of DJGPP and he agreed that it was unlikely that cygwin gdb
could handle DJGPP binaries.

However, that's it for me.  I was actually trying to see if it was
possible to cut through the crap and debug your actual problem but it's
obvious that this is a losing proposition.  I'm bowing out of this
discussion and actually don't plan on responding to future messages from
you in general.

I do wish you luck in tracking down your problem though.

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Use the resources at .

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