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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior

Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> I'm not sure what this is referring to. However, I think I should
> explain my mail sorting procedure. Since the list has a large volume
> and no [Cygwin] subject tag, I have my mailer sort list messages by
> Sender: header into a cygwin folder. Since a lot of replies to cygwin
> messages are copied to my private mail as well as posted to the list,
> and the list has no subject tag, these messages end up with a copy in
> each folder. Thus, when I go through my personal mail I nuke on sight
> anything that's copied to the list -- I'll read and respond to the
> copy on the list, and I don't need to keep a copy since the list
> archive will do that for me. As a result, messages sent to both
> addresses will generate a reply on the list but not a private copy.
> If I've responded to a message you posted to the list and not to one
> you sent privately, in all likelihood the private one was copied to
> the list and I responded there. If I didn't respond at all I didn't
> see anything in it to respond to. I have not, as yet, killfiled
> anybody.

You could filter by To or CC = cygwin@


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