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Re: rebase and ME

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 00:16, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> Stephan,
> I'm sorry for bringing you in on this thread, but I believe there is
> an major underlying problem with the ReBase functions in the
> imagehlp.dll distributed with WindowsME.  Any external program which
> tries to send arguments to the dll results in a segfault [Note: that
> this is only confirmed for the ReBase function].  Any attempt to use
> the ReBase.exe that comes with the latest Platform SDK results in
> corrupted dlls or a segfault.  I have confirmed this on 3 other
> peoples' machines running WindowsME.  Note that this behavior, of
> course, is not seen on any of the other versions of Windows.  I was
> hoping to see if there is anything you are aware of, as there is
> nothing in either MSDN or Knowlegebase that I am aware of.  If not,
> is there any legitimate means of reporting this to Microsoft without
> having it ignored or not taken seriously?  

Yes. (I know I'm not Stephan). You log a support call, as a developer,
and say that trying to rebase your installed app for performance is
failing on ME, all ME, and nothing but ME. MS then take a couple hundred
dollars off you... and you get a technician that owns the case and will
follow it through to conclusion. If you are right, you *may* get your
money back. If they find cockpit error... well the problem is solved and
you are short $$$.

I'll happily contribute 50 AUD to such an effort (but it can't be me
calling as I don't have an ME install to play with).


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