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Re: case sensitive path names

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 20:44, Dietrich Bollmann wrote:
> Dear friends,
> on one of my old unix backup CDs there are two folders
> called 'mail' and 'Mail'. I tried to change into
> 'mail' but always end up in 'Mail'...
> Reading the cygwin faq I was informed, that Win32
> doesn't make any case difference and therefore neither
> cygwin. Does this mean, that there is no way to read
> my good old 'mail'??!?
> Or better: Is there a way to read both of them, 'Mail'
> and 'mail' using cygwin (or whatever other program on
> Windows XP)??

AFAIK this capability is not in Cygwin itself. However XP has the
ability, but not exposed through the default UI.

Choice 1: install the MS POSIX toolkit and use 'cp'.

Choice 2:

You need to write a custom tool to copy the contents onto your

On Windows NT there is a flag that you can use when opening files called
(IIRC) 'FILE_POSIX_SEMANTICS'. Use that in a trivial copy program
(combined with FindFile()) and you should have no trouble recovering
your files.


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