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RE: termcap-2002040301 out of sync with terminfo-5.2-3


Just to recap:

termcap is a terminal capability database stored as a
single large text file /etc/termcap. It was introduced
in BSD (if I recall ...)

terminfo is a terminal information database, doing exactly
the same thing, introduced in Unix System 3 (if I recall...)

Both these packages have been ported to cygwin. The porter of
the terminfo package has chosen to add the following cygwin
specific terminal description entries:

cygwin ansi emulation for Cygwin
cygwinB19 ansi emulation for cygwin32
cygwinDBG Debug Version for Cygwin
rxvt-cygwin rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System) on cygwin
rxvt-cygwin-native rxvt terminal emulator (native MS Window System port) on cygwin

The porter of the terminfo package has chosen to add only
a "cygwin" entry.

My comments:

It certainly seems reasonable for you to add new entries, but maybe
all these entries should be submitted to both the original packages,
or this has already been done?

I'm just trying to add some helpful comments, if it's not helpful,
please feel free to ignore what I've written :-))

/John Vincent.

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