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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

On 31 Jul 2002 at 16:45, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> >Not knowing whether it was a cygwin-specific problem or not I was leery
> >of going to a bug submission page to report what might be a general gdb
> >problem.  Plus, I suspected a misconfiguration of some kind, or perhaps
> >a Winblows hiccup that might go away with a reboot or an update patch.
> So what is it then?  Am I an expert whose advice you are soliciting or
> someone to argue with and ignore when I offer suggestions?  I said that
> cygcheck output might be useful.  You chose not to provide it.  This
> is a trend.

What's cygcheck? I still haven't heard where to download it or how to 
use it. I suppose it's a utility for diagnosing configuration 
problems with cygwin? IIRC there's something like that for djgpp.

> >Nice theory, but it just doesn't fit the facts.
> I'm not convinced.  I'll bet if you specifically rebuild the file in question
> with cygwin gcc it will probably be debuggable.

I doubt it will behave differently after being rebuilt with the 
cygwin gcc compared to after merely being built for the first time 
with the cygwin gcc.

I build the "hw" test by typing "gcc hw.c -o hw.exe -g -O2" at the 
bash prompt. It's already been verified that "gcc" at the bash prompt 
invokes the correct (Cygwin) gcc.

Also, the executables that debug fine were built the same way. They 
weren't built before djgpp was installed (in fact djgpp was installed 
before Cygwin was), nor before any configuration change involving 
paths. I don't see any way a problem causing the wrong gcc to be used 
could affect only some of the executables built with it.

> >Also, how long have you suspected it might be using the wrong gcc?
> Now you're questioning my motives, huh?

Just wondering why you've spent the last several days beating around 
the bush instead of getting to the point.

> No, I've been "hinting" that you should try a couple of things with gdb.
> You've never done them, AFAICT (how many times have I mentioned this
> now?).

Try a couple of things like what? Don't hint, TELL ME! I can't read 
your mind and a hint that might be meaningful to a unix expert will 
not typically be recognized by the average newbie with a question.

> Actually, I had this brainstorm after I saw your cron posting where you
> (re)mentioned DJGPP.  Once I thought of it, I did a google search,
> confirmed that the Windows debug interface might not be able to debug 16
> bit executables, and sent my message.

DJGPP makes 32 bit executables. I don't think anyone uses 16 bit 
compilers anymore. (DJGPP executables may have a 16 bit stub on them -
- I'm not sure if that's true of recent versions but it's true of 
v1.x, which is long since obsolete.)

However the Windows debug interface is another red herring. The same 
error appears with gdb -nw hw as I reported before so anything 
specific to the Windows interface isn't it.

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