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RE: Problem with cron and cygdrive-prefix

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Ralf Habacker wrote:

> > > c: on /c type user (binmode,noumount)
> >                 ^^^^
> > 		that's your problem.  cron is running under SYSTEM
> > 		account and can't see user mount points.
> >
> I've unmounted the remounted, but got a warning. Does this mean, it will not
> work ?

Have you tried it? Did it work? In your particular situation I suspect
that it will.

> Administrator@DBSERVER1 ~
> $ umount /g

Actually the noumount means that you can't umount it, in this case because
cygdrive causes this mount point.

> Administrator@DBSERVER1 ~
> $ mount -s -b g: /g
> mount: warning: system mount point of '/g' will always be masked by user mount.

Actually, for me system cygdrive prefixes don't seem to work at all if
there is a user cygdrive prefix:

Michael Hoffman@BARBECUEWORLD /
$ ls /
bin/       cygwin.bat*  etc/   lib/     opt/   tmp/  var/
cygdrive/  cygwin.ico   home/  moocow/  sbin/  usr/

Michael Hoffman@BARBECUEWORLD /
$ mount --show-cygdrive-prefix
Prefix              Type         Flags
/cygdrive           user         binmode
/moocow             system       binmode

Michael Hoffman@BARBECUEWORLD /
$ builtin cd /cygdrive/c # for me cd is an alias to pushd so this restores
# the default behavior

Michael Hoffman@BARBECUEWORLD /cygdrive/c
$ builtin cd /moocow/c
bash: cd: /moocow/c: No such file or directory

This seems to be indicated by the source
[]. Cygdrive is
only read once. Deleting the user cygdrive prefix (umount -u
--remove-cygdrive-prefix) and starting a new rxvt session seems to do
the job.

So Ralf, my suggestion to you would be to change your system prefix
and if it doesn't work to make a cron job to remove the user prefix
for the user cron runs as.
Michael Hoffman <>
The University of Texas at Austin

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