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WinXP upgrade breaks cron mapping

Hello, folks.

I've been running on WinNT for almost a year now, happily.  I've just
upgraded to Win XP and now my scripts launched through cron cannot map
drives with 'net use' like they used to (using my own NT id).  I've traced
the scripts and the only net use error messages output are when trying to
unmap the drive:

+ echo 'Fri Aug  2 07:00:02  2002 Gathering HOTBU FPRD files.'
Fri Aug  2 07:00:02  2002 Gathering HOTBU FPRD files.
+ c:/winnt/system32/net use o: '\\KCMAPP1\e$' password '/user:KCMFTW\dtj011'
+ ls -l 'o:/hotbackups/fprd1/*.DBF'
ls: o:/hotbackups/fprd1/*.DBF: No such file or directory
+ ls -l 'o:/hotbackups/fprd1/*.ORA'
ls: o:/hotbackups/fprd1/*.ORA: No such file or directory
+ ls -l 'o:/hotbackups/fprd2/*.DBF'
ls: o:/hotbackups/fprd2/*.DBF: No such file or directory
+ c:/winnt/system32/net use /d o:
The network connection could not be found.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2250.

+ tee -a c:/temp/work.wrk
++ date
+ echo 'Fri Aug  2 07:00:02  2002 Done.'
Fri Aug  2 07:00:02  2002 Done.

I realize the cron is running under SYSTEM account and that's why I have to
manually map drives within my cron scripts.  Is there any knowledge on the
differences with XP and NT which might explain why mapping the drives with
my own NT id would not work as they did prior to upgrading to XP?  I have
the same permissions on the remote server as I always had.

Thanks very much.  Please copy me on e-mails as I'm not a part of the list.


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