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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> On 31 Jul 2002 at 23:09, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Paul Derbyshire wrote:
>>> On 30 Jul 2002 at 16:30, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>>> Paul Derbyshire wrote:
>>>>> You suggest changing my user name in *Windows* also? Wonderful.
>>>>> Have you any idea how nontrivial that is? It also means my
>>>>> Windows home directory in Documents and Settings has to be
>>>>> renamed.
>>>> False
>>> Don't contradict me publicly.
>> WHAT!?!?!?!?! (and yes, I'm bellowing on purpose). You say something
>> I know to be incorrect, but I'm not allowed to correct you?
> It's not incorrect. Unless you think it's coincidence that the
> Documents and Settings subdirectory's name happens to be the same as
> my username.

The names of these directories are mapped through the registry. They might as
well be random strings. Windows uses the username, if that directory does not
already exists, or adds suffixes if there is already a directory of that name.

> In any event, yes, you're not allowed to publicly contradict me.

Umm... free speech?

> I've
> had it up to here with condescending and hostile messages that make
> me out to be some kind of an idiot or otherwise defame and ridicule
> me. From now on I'm demanding a payment of $39.95 for the privilege
> of dragging my name through the mud -- no more freebies! Payment to
> be sent to ... nah, posting my address here would *not* be a good
> idea. I'll get a P.O. box and post that address later. :P
>> If you view that as a personal attack, then I am, quite frankly,
>> amazed..
> Given the context it is an attack.

You state that Windows works in a particular way. I correct you, because it
doesn't work like you think. Sorry, I don't see where the problem is.

> Other newbies come on the list, ask questions, get answers that are
> generally as helpful as possible. Not useless responses, or
> condescending ones, or ones that flatly contradict.
> I come on the list, do likewise, and receive a different treatment.

Hmm, I wonder why? The _only_ difference between you and other listmembers that
is visible to the list is the content of your postings. I.e., it is what _you_
have said on the list that has caused this different treatment.

> Of course any different behavior exhibited toward me I regard as
> personal. Obviously it *is* personal if someone singles me out for
> different treatment. I am simply asking that this stop. Act like I'm
> someone else, with a different name, posting the odd question about
> cron or gdb. Forget that I'm me, that person you feel the need to
> treat more hostilely and rudely than you do others on the list with
> questions. If you can't do that killfile me to save everyone the
> headache.
>>> What have you been smoking? When I set up my Windows username in the
>>> first place all kinds of things had to be configured. If I changed
>>> it or created a new one those things have to be updated. It's common
>>> sense!
>> Right. I've changed my Windows username - to one with a space in it,
>> no less. I will report on any problems I have.
> Problems or no problems I don't want to bother with the enormous
> amount of sheer nitpicking work required to propagate the change
> consistently to everywhere the old name appears, and the risk of
> breaking something if I miss one obscure instance. Especially not to
> satisfy the needs of one subsystem, when everything else on Windows
> outside of Cygwin seems to find my existing user name just peachy.

I agree. Changing your Windows username is not the ideal solution to this
problem. However, I wish to establish the fact that the amount of sheer
nitpicking work that you refer to is zero. The only thing for me to be aware of
is that if I regenerate /etc/passwd with mkpasswd, it will use the wrong home

> I'm amazed at how ridiculous this whole thing is. Someone suggests
> changing my Windows username, I give the above reason why I'm not
> willing to do so (though not in exactly the same words), and all this
> crap descends from it. Good grief -- is refusing a suggestion because
> it's not in line with my needs such a big crime? What if someone has
> a problem, you suggest reformatting their hard drive, and they object
> because they'd lose data? I suppose you'd tell them to "back it up
> stupid" as though it weren't obvious that for whatever reason,
> probably lack of sufficient media (or money), they can't. And if they
> told you they couldn't you'd flame them and say "if you don't have
> the money you have no business using this excellent piece of free
> software" as though this wasn't implying a whopping contradiction...

No one said that changing your Windows username was the only way round this. It
was merely raised as one possible option.


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