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List administrivia

A bunch of people are posting to the list in such a way that the 
Reply-To of the message isn't the list. Result: Some messages get 
missent to a user and not the list. (I've received a few myself, so 
it seems the list is doing this with my messages too.) This is 
irritating, but there's a worse problem. My mailer offers two choices 
if I tell it to forward a mail: edit it or not. If I edit my kept 
copy of a message I need to resend to the list I have to nuke a (Fwd) 
from the subject and some cruft from the message body, which is work. 
If I don't edit it, the mail is rejected by the mailing list -- for 
some reason the list name doesn't appear in the To: header field in 
this case. Please fix the list so that either
a) Forwarding messages to the list unedited doesn't fail and send you
   automated flame mail telling you you're a no good spammer and
   ought to crawl off and die, or better yet
b) List messages consistently have Reply-To: the list, or
   consistently the original author. The former I'd prefer, but even
   the latter would just have me remember to *always* edit the
   destination address.

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