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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

On 2 Aug 2002 at 22:21, Gareth Pearce wrote:

> > On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:34:51AM -0400, Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> > > [A lot of stuff]
> >
> > What astonishes me is that you seem to be completely unable to consider
> > that it *could* be your own fault how an (otherwise unrelated) group
> > of people is responding...
> What astonishes me is the amazing levels of hope that the members of this
> list have shown in continuing to reply well after Paul had conclusively
> displayed a distinct lack of ability to be helped. I could say many other
> things here but I am too apathetic.

No, I have a distinct lack of ability to be insulted and take it 
lying down. If people would stop posting things that are insulting 
and start posting "normally", there'd be no problem! Of course I 
resist whatever is said in an insulting post. I am not going to 
actually *believe* the insults, and since the insults are false 
everything else must be treated as lacking in credibility. If you 
want someone to listen to what you have to say the basic rule is to 
say it in a way that they want to listen. Insults just make someone 
close their ears. If I'm "resisting being helped" it's your own damn 
fault for choosing to deliver your "help" in shabby and foul-smelling 

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