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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior - cygcheck example

OK, lets suppose I hear about a command, say, cygcheck, and
I want to know about it, do I have it, what it is etc.

I enter 

which cygcheck

and I get

$ which cygcheck

Cool, I have it. So what is it?  Well, in this case, I lucked
out, as entering

man cygcheck

tells me exactly what I should know.  Now, I am honestly curious, do
you have it on your machine.  Well, going to the Cygwin home
page, where there is a link to "Setup Package Search".  There,
I enter cygcheck.  The information returned to me shows that
cygcheck comes in in the main cygwin package, so I think you
probably have it.  

Now, I know they have been doing some updating in the Cygwin
documentation lately (I tend to be a little different in that
I update regularly, and I click through to see what has changed),
so it *may* be that the man page stuff is not there in your

With respect to search engines, I used to joke that the most
useful skill I picked up on my way to my BA was the ability
to use an index.  On my way through grad school, that turned
into a keyword search capability.  Now, it's search engines.
I use Google most every day, to find out anything from whats
wrong with some Python or C++ code, to free radical chemistry,
to what companies might be in the market for Ph.D. physicists.
If I have a problem with Cygwin, I go there, because it will
find (with the help of the browser search) FAQ data, archive
data, and mostly, the answer.

Finally, on a lighter heavy note, on my work laptop, I have gcc
from: djgpp, GNAT and Dev-C++, as well as 3 versions of gcc
in Cygwin - base, 3.1 and 3.1.1 - need to get rid of the 3.1
version.  The only contention problem I have run into involved
GNAT and Cygwin (solved) and GNAT and djgpp (semi-kluged).

Goodnight all,

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