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RE: case sensitive path names

> On 2 Aug 2002 at 8:19, Samuel wrote:
> > > MS POSIX toolkit? *does a double take*
> > >
> > > Ah, of course -- probably contains tools for migrating unix files and
> > > directories to winblows and for uninstalling unix. :)
> [Snip insulting insinuations]
> Can't you at least confine the flamewar to the original thread?
> I know damn well what POSIX is -- the standard describing the
> behavior of stock unix tools and protocols. I was surprised that M$
> would have anything to do with POSIX, or any other widely and freely
> implemented standard, but then realized they might if they figured to
> encourage users to migrate to one of their own closed and proprietary
> standards. In this case, from unix to Winblows.

M**$**?!?!  Win**blows**?!?!?!  BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!!!!!

Oh MAN!  Where do you come up with 'em!?!?!

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

PS: Just to clarify, I'm insinuating no insult.  I'm trying to make the insult
as explicit as possible.

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