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Windows home directory

Hi All,

In light of the whole "Mysterious GDB problem" debacle, I thought I'd
ask a question of the folks on this list: how many people actually use
their Windows "home directory" as their Cygwin home? The Windows "home
directory" is actually a place for windows itself to basically dump
stuff -- most of it stuff that I never want to look at like Windows
settings, a Cookies directory, a browser cache directory -- basically
junk you never want to see.  Therefore, I've always used a
/home/userid directory in the cygwin tree, and everything has always
worked great for me.

Now, this is from a guy whose attitude toward Windows is that it's
sometimes a necessary evil. I don't know much about Windows, and don't
want to. When I have to use it, I work in the cygwin environment with
all binary mounts, and ignore the Windows OS as much as possible. In
Word, I set the default document folder toi something other than the
default "My Documents" folder, and I do similar things to other
programs. If you were a Windows kind of person, maybe this wouldn't
work for you: maybe using C:\Windows\Profiles\Paul Derbyshire as your
home directory in cygwin is the only thing that makes sense. But I
suspect that's never really the case.

Opinions, one way or the other?

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