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Re: 1.3.12-1: bash reorders output


I cannot confirm your problem with this specific example, but I have seen similar problems in other contexts and there have been other similar reports from time to time. It seems timing dependent and hence may be sensitive to all sorts of hardware details and operating conditions in any given system.

Perhaps running your tests under "strace" would help you home in on the problem?

You might also want to try your simple test case using /bin/echo instead of the BASH built-in "echo."

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 04:28 2002-08-03, Manfred Spraul wrote:
I've succeeded in creating a testcase:

Please untar the attached tarball and run ./

The bug is still the same: The script contains
        echo "2XXXX"
        cat ext-2.txt
        echo "3XXXX"
but in the output file, it's
        ?? contents of ext-2.txt

Further details:
- it's not 100% reproducable, sometimes only the 2nd or 3rd run of creates an output file with reordered lines
        Please run the app for a few minutes.
- it happens in both binary and text mode.
- sometimes "cat ext-2.txt" is affected, sometimes other files
- the cygwin dll is now 1.3.12-1, the rest is unchanged from my last mail.

The computer is a single-cpu Celeron-1.13 with W2K SP2, now with

Could you please test it? I don't have access to other systems right now.


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