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Re: debugging /usr/bin/info reading compressed files


Gzip / gunzip doesn't handle BZip2-compressed files.

I can think of two alternatives for gixing "info:" Make "info" sensitive to the variant compression scheme based on file name suffixes or introduce a separate decompression program (script or binary) to handle the variant compression formats and have "info" invoke that intermediary instead of directly invoking a single-format decompression utility.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 09:08 2002-08-03, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
Hi. The /usr/bin/info program is supposed to be able to automatically
read compressed files, but this functionality is broken on Cygwin for
some reason. I've tracked it down to a function in info's filesys.c
that is failing. The code, with some debugging statements I've added, is:

  stream = popen (command, FOPEN_RBIN);
    /* FOO */
    printf("%s\n", command);
  if (stream)
    /* This never gets printed */
    printf("stream OK\n");
    /* end FOO */

The output looks like this:
$ ./ginfo.exe -f ./
COMMAND IS:bunzip2.exe < /usr/local/src/texinfo-4.2/info/./
info: ./ Invalid argument

>From bash, running the command,
$ bunzip2.exe < /usr/local/src/texinfo-4.2/info/./
produces the expected file on STDOUT.

As far as I can tell popen() works in Cygwin (it's listed under
'Other' fuctions in the API Ref), but I have no experience using it.
Anyone know what needs to be done for this to work?

Attached is some strace output...I deleted about 200 lines of ginfo trying
to guess the filename, please let me know if more (or less) is needed.


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