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id question

Forgive this question - I have searched the archives and found hints to
solutions to my problems but have not been able to piece them together.

My Cygwin install thinks that I am:

	"I have no name!@CALCO-LAPTOP"

I've been ignoring this because it hasn't really created any real problems
for me until I tried recently to run ssh-keygen. (I want to contribute as a
developer to some projects and the cvs repository requires a key.)

It says:

"You do not exist, go away!"

This not-terribly-informative error message seems to be related to the "I
have no name!" thing.

Now I'm running on Windows XP. Initially I set up my account as Bob Calco,
so I have a C:\Documents and Settings\Bob Calco\*.* folder with all my user
account info.

I changed my name to rcalco, and that's what I see when I log on, but
everything still points to C:\Documents and Setting\Bob Calco\.

I have changed $USERNAME in my .profile file to rcalco, and my home to
/home/rcalco, but cygwin still refers to me as "I have no
name!@CALCO-LAPTOP" instead of "rcalco@CALCO-LAPTOP" which is what I want.
And ssh-keygen still tells me to go away.

Would someone please gently enlighten me as to what, exactly, I need to do
to get cygwin to see me as rcalco and to get rid of those offensive little
"go away" messages.



Bob Calco

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